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Cornerstone for Healthcare

Built and based on successful use cases in healthcare settings, Cornerstone offers solutions for healthcare companies to help them strategically manage and continuously develop their talent throughout the entire employee lifecycle.


Healthcare organizations are transforming today’s people strategies to support patients.


Successful healthcare organizations prepare for the future with Cornerstone.

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Competing with other healthcare organizations for talent can be hard. On top of that, healthcare organizations must keep up with technology innovations, compliance, and specific performance measures, all while doing right by the patient. Our successful healthcare clients use Cornerstone to find qualified, right-fit people, to support a developed workforce, to properly track & analyze staff performance, to enable critical outcomes, and so much more.

One solution for successful patient outcomes.

Healthcare organizations are continuously adhering to compliance and performance regulations, all while competing for the best talent. A strong and qualified workforce results in a great patient experience. Cornerstone for Healthcare is based on real, successful client experiences that result in stellar patient care. Use healthcare-industry tailored tools only Cornerstone can provide to ensure staff execute their skills according to proper procedures. Win top talent with easy-to-use recruiting that showcases your brand. Invest in your people by providing fulfilling development opportunities while also honoring specific performance measures.

Cornerstone provides you with all this and more:

Cornerstone Recruiting

Find the right talent with social tools, custom career sites, and a fun candidate experience.

Cornerstars in Healthcare

Increasing nurse confidence and compassion

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